Howdy and welcome to GoPaint.TV where we enjoy all kinds of hobby. Since July, 2018 we have been streaming hobby and hanging out on Twitch and you can join us there! Hang out, share your work and always feel free to ask questions.

You can find our Twitch stream at:

In addition to hanging out while we do some hobby, our Twitch subscribers receive a 20% discount at our hobby shop on Etsy so if you are in the market for any of the stuff we make consider subscribing to get access to the monthly discount codes.

Our stream on Twitch started as a result of our love of miniature painting and Twitch #creative is a great place to find lots of streamers sharing their work. We try to keep the stream family friendly, educational if possible and beginner friendly.

Feel free to ask questions!

GoPaint Painting a 30K Space Wolves Scheme on a 40K Reiver

As much as this stream is about what we are working on it is also about the community of folks who stop by and spend time. Jump in and chat while we paint!

Here is an example where we worked on adding a logo for 3D printing to the GoPaint Scale75 Paint Rack. This was a fun challenge proposed by the Twitch community during a stream one night.

GoPaint Talking About 3D Printing the Scale75 Paint Rack

Whatever your interest -- be it miniatures painting, 3D printing, sculpture, digital art or tabletop gaming -- jump in and follow along at We try to stream hobby content twice a week and our latest stream schedule is usually posted on our Twitch page.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.